Easter and such

We had a great Easter weekend, but I don't think I sat down once.  SO busy!

Sam had a soccer game bright and early Saturday morning, and we were so glad that Mimi got to come watch.  Ava is not one bit goofy :) 

Then Ava and I headed out to the grocery store while James and the boys did boy stuff - don't ask me?? 

That afternoon Sam had a standing play date with his best little buddy, Brooks. It seems as if so much revolves around Ava here that I was excited that Sam got to have a fun day.  So, after lunch we went to pick up Brooks and came home.  I had to have a talk with Ava because she was directing their play date with a tea party, games, etc.  She sulked for a minute and then asked if she could text her friend and say hi (she uses my phone to text one little friend maybe once a week, every other week).  I did not see  any harm in that, so I let her. Well, she handed me the phone two minutes later and the text conversation went something like this--

Ava - "Can Bailey come over and play?"
Friend - She would love to- right now?
Ava - "Yes, please"
Friend - "We are on our way."

LOL!!  We love her sweet little friend and were thrilled to have her over, but Ava did get grounded from texting for a long while and she has had to do some extra chores this week! 

Of course, Easter morning was a blur.  The Easter bunny definitely made his appearance and we spent the afternoon at Erica's house eating carbs and hunting eggs.  Erica dubbed it the "Easter of the worms" because her yard is full (and I mean full) of inchworms.  My kids loved it, James loved it - guess who didn't love it - me.  Especially when James put three or four in my hair several times just for laughs.


So very blessed to be able to spend Easter with my favorite people!

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