Older Than Dirt

James turned 40 on January 4th!!! Somehow I pulled off a surprise birthday party with some of our closest friends and family! I keep giving him a hard time about being so old - ha! But I hope he knows how much we love and appreciate him!

I did not get great pictures - just too much going on.  I didn't even video his reaction when he came in the house.  I am trying not to still be upset about that :(

James is opening his gifts  - here are his new Depends!

Holidays 2011

The holidays seem like such a long time ago now and to be honest it was a little bit of a blur.  I  want to wriite about it though so I can remember these fun, crazy times!

Of course, Jack was born the Monday before Thanksgiving so we were not driving anywhere.  My family brought Thanksgiving dinner to us that day and we all had a  very laid back day.  We all loved to just sit around and look at Jack all day.  I am having some tecnical difficulties with my computer holding my Thanksgiving pictures so they will have to wait.

The next couple weeks were very busy getting ready for Christmas--

I actually had a little photo shoot with the kids for the Christmas card.  I had very low expectations and was so excited that I got a good picture of all three.
 Ava had a little party at dance and loved wearing her pink Santa hat
Our elf, Sprinkles, was one of our favorite parts of this Christmas s season.  I hate that I didn't get more pictures, but the kids had so much fun.  Sprinkles was pretty sneaky this year and Sam and Ava had a lot of fun finding him every morning - except for when that lazy elf forgot to move :) 
Sam is telling Sprinkles his last minute Christmas wishes

Christmas Eve cookie making

When I was going through these pictures I looked at this one and was trying to figure out which baby doll she was holding.  It took me a minute to figure out it was Jack :)

Christmas Eve - leaving cookies for Santa

...and Christmas morning!  Santa brought them both four wheelers to ride out at our land.  This made for a comical Christmas morning.  They crashed into just about everything in the living room!

She just can't believe it :)

Jack's First Christmas
 Ava and Haven at Mamaw's house - Christmas Day

 Papa and Jack - Grummer Family Christmas

First family picture with all five!

We are feeling especially blessed this holiday season.  Jack was unexpected, but he was certainly the best gift we could have ever received.  These three kids made this holiday (and really every day) so special and fun!

Jack Michael

Long time.. no see!!  Now I know why people don't have any pictures after two kids - no time :)  I have A LOT of things to post, but the most important is the arrival of our baby boy so I am going to begin there!

We went to the hospital very early in the morning on November 21st.  I have to say that for some reason I was more scared this time than with Sam and Ava - you would think that the third would be easier (not for me)!!  It took a while to get my IV in and to get things starting.  James was definitely very supportive.  As scared as I was - James was excited.  Once things started they went really fast.  They induced me around 9:00, broke my water at 9:30, and I was in intense pain pretty soon after this.   James was watching the monitor telling me how strong my contractions were - "here is a big one."  Ha - yeah thanks :)  Erica, my mom and my dad got to be there through most of it -  I was thankful for that. 

I was dilated to 3 when I got to the hospital, so I didn't have to progress very far to get my epidural - thank goodness!  It was such a relief from that point, and it really went fast after that!  At about 11:00 it looked like my contractions had just stopped, and because I had my epidural at that point of course I couldn't feel them.  But I did feel some pressure.  We waited for a couple minutes and Erica couldn't wait any longer so she went to ask the nurse why my contractions had stopped.  The nurse came in to check and Jack was READY.  At this point I was still scared - I just wanted him to be safe in my arms!! 

Our doctor was there before I knew it, and it was time to bring Jack into the world.  It took two pushes and about a minute and a half and he was here.  He was (and still is) perfect!  I think no matter how many times you give birth it is such a miracle and the instant love is just overwhelming.

Jack Michael Piraino
6 pounds 15 ounces (exact same as Sam)
20 1/2 inches long
perfect in every way :)

Love at first sight

 Proud Daddy

I can't wait to write all about our adventures since we have been home.  There is never a dull moment in this house!!