Pumpkin Patch

We made our family trip to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday. I have been so excited about going for weeks, but it was either raining or we had something else to do! I told James earlier in the week we were going no matter what. Well, as it turned out James and I were both sick with a cold (the kids are great), but we went anyway! We did not ride the hayride or the ponies (poor Ava), but we still had a fun day!

We held up the line in front of this little photo op, and this is the best I got!!

Both of my kids could watch animals ALL day!

Sam LOVED the swing! I tried to get a video of him because he was laughing so hard.

Sam worked for a while trying to pick up the pumpkins - he is a persistent little guy!

We played for a little while when we got home and I took some more pictures - aren't these two just adorable!!!

Ava's Alphabet

I just wanted to share something very cute that Ava received recently. My mother-in-law, Ann, is a very talented artist. She made Ava a little box and filled it with flashcards for each letter of the alphabet that she illustrated - it is wonderful!! Ava absolutely loves to look at them. I think it is so special and it is something that she will always have from her grandma!!

Take a look at the flashcards-

Sad Day!!

Today was such a hard day for me - my baby got his first haircut!!! It was past time - I have just been having a hard time coming to terms with it. It is so wierd - I couldn't wait to get Ava's hair cut and I just want Sam to stay a baby forever. I teared up a couple times this morning, but I really held it together at the salon. As for Sam, he was perfect. I was so proud of him - he was such a big boy sitting in the little chair. As for the picture above, has there ever been anything cuter than this??

We took this before we left the house - Ava wanted a picture with the pumpkins!

My before picture! We went back to Pigtails and Crewcuts (where Ava got her first haircut). They have a airplane, taxi, and a fire truck as chairs - Ava chose the fire truck for Sam!

Of course, Ava had to sit in the taxi during the haircut.

All done - my baby looks like a little boy now :(

Random Pics

I just felt like having a little photo session in the backyard this weekend and here are some of the shots!!

Hogs and Aggies

We went on a little family trip last weekend to Dallas. It was our first time to drive and stay in a hotel with both kids. It was much better than I anticipated. The kids were actually really great and I only had a couple meltdowns!! Ava LOVED the hotel and did not want to leave. She ran around opening drawers and stayed on the telephone. Sam was as happy as he could be following her around.

When we got in on Friday night we went to dinner with James' aunt and uncle and some of his cousins. We both loved seeing everyone, but we had two hungry, grouchy kids!! We ate about two hours past their bedtime. Ava ended up being a real trooper, but poor little Sam had a hard time!!

Rick, Sam, Linda, Lauren and Ava

Linda and Lauren were so sweet to play with Ava and she loved every minute of our visit with them.

James' parents came in Saturday morning and we took the kids to the Dallas World Aquarium. We were in Dallas for the football game, but that might have been the highlight of the trip for me. The aquarium was more like a zoo, and both of my kids just loved it! It is so fun for me to see things through their sweet little eyes.

This bird decided to sit on Grandpa's shoulder - Ava thought that was so funny!

Sam loved the birds - he pointed and laughed all day!

I have very few pictures of Ava's face while we were there. She seriously did not have time to turn around and smile for the camera!

Sam enjoying his ride!

Ava was devastated when she realized we were leaving. She planted her feet on the ground and I had to carry her out. We will definitely plan another visit the next time we are in Dallas.

Saturday night we got to go to the game at the new Cowboys stadium. The kids stayed at the hotel with Grandma (James' mom) and Andrea. James rewarded the guys he works with and their wives with a box at the stadium - which was awesome. We had so much fun - especially the Razorback fans :)

James and I were both as anxious to see the giant TV as much as the game. We had heard so much about it, and just so you know it is as great as everyone keeps saying!!

Margaret and me

The guys hanging out in the box - I think they were chowing down on the most delicious nachos I have ever had at any sporting event!!

The Aggie band - they may not have won the game, but they won halftime by a landslide!!

My little artists!!

I was very brave last week and spent one afternoon painting with the kids in the backyard. We had such a blast. Ava loves to paint - anything and everything, and Sam loves to eat paint!! What more could you ask for?

Believe me when I say this picture does not do justice to the amount of paint that Sam had on his entire body!!

I haven't written in so long because I am a little overwhelmed with school. It seems like every minute that I am not taking care of the kids or the house I am studying, but I love every minute of it! One thing that I do want to mention is that James and I celebrated our anniversary two weeks ago. He really deserves his own post, but I was crazy that week so he will settle for this. I feel blessed in so many ways to be able to share my life with him. He keeps me grounded, makes me laugh at least once a day, watches chick flicks because he knows I like them, and makes our little family his top priority. The list goes on and on - it just comes down to the fact that I am very lucky!!

My surprise anniversary gift-- ( I would have taken a picture of the real thing, but it is raining outside!)

How is he ever going to top that???