It is about time that I made this official.  The very week of my last post our lives changed in a VERY unexpected way!!  We are expecting baby #3 in November. 

I was extremely shocked (yes- we know how it all works) and terrified for a while.  I have to say James was excited from the very beginning.  There are so many reasons not to have another baby right now.  But through all of this I have come to know a couple things--

I know that I am blessed beyond anything that I could have imagined.  There was a time that I thought that I may not find the right person to marry much less have kids.  And I did find him and we have two beautiful, healthy kids and now one more on the way!  Being Ava and Sam's mother has been the blessing of my life and this new baby will be no different.

I am a planner - and I mean I plan everything.  I write lists for every day, every trip to the grocery store- EVERYTHING.  So when we had our little girl and our little boy - I thought I had really planned that out well :)  But, I have to step back sometimes and remember that God 's plan and my plan are not always the same.  And his plans for me have exceeded anything that I could ever have imagined for myself.

So - I am 16 weeks pregnant today.  I just came back from the doctor and the baby  looks healthy and wonderful.  The doctor tried everything to see if there is a little boy or girl in here, but he or she wouldn't cooperate so we can wait another month :)

And I thought I would share some ultrasound pictures: (Forgive the blurry pics- my scanner is not working)!!

Can you see the little hand- he or she is giving a high five!
 The baby's face- eyes, nose, and mouth

I promise lots of new posts coming soon.  We have been busy lately and I have so many things to post about the new things that Ava and Sam are into!