Sweet Jack

I know I should blog more about this baby!  He is one next month, and man has it ever gone fast.  James alsways says that we had it together with two, but having Jack has really thrown us off our game - which is true.  So.. instead of blogging about him I have been loving on him.

Can I just tell you that I have the sweetest, cutest, most energetic baby on earth - does every mother say this?  There is not a contrary bone in his body.  He is just happy.  And what a blessing that is for us. 

Everywhere I go people tell me how cute he is, of course.  But the other day this lady chased me down at TJ Maxx to tell me that she casts babies and children in ads and magazines.  She went on and on about how cute Jack is and how he would get work.  Although I am not (nor ever will be) that mother, it was nice for someone to validate what I already knew- cutest baby on earth :)

As cute as he is, he is also energetic (which is nice for wild).  I have had to really babyproof for the first time.  It is a job chasing that boy around, and I won't lie and say I love every minute of it (because I am exhausted most of the time).  But I will take this happy, healthy boy every day of the week.

We love our sweet Jack and how he has completed us in every way.

First Days and Junie B.

We have survived the first days of school.  It has been an adjustment on all of us in so many ways.  We all miss Ava during the day.  We don't particularly like the driving and waiting in pick-up line.  But, Sam and Jack get to have boy time during the day.  And I have my nap time again -happy day!

At first, Ava loved it, and I cried every day.  The hardest thing for me by far was dropping her off in the mornings.  She wanted to go through the line, so we did.  Watching her get out with her backpack as big as she is and walk by herself to her room made me literally sob every day.  SHe looked so little and vulnerable with all those big kids zooming past her.  I am doing better now.

Ava has had some hard days lately which are bringing up a lot of conversations that we need to begin.  Conversations about friendship, fitting in and being yourself, beauty, etc.  The thing is I want to protect her from all of this, but it is part of life.  And I wish I had all of the answers, but I don't.  We are going to talk and work on these things together, and I am so glad that I get to share this journey with my girl.

Our saving grace the past couple months - Junie B. Jones.  I have carved out some one-on-one time at night to read the Junie B. Jones series with Ava.  It is just the two of us every night, and we have laughed and talked our way through those books.  During this time, Ava really opens up about her day and we have some real time together. I look forward to it as much as she does.  We have our little inside jokes and quotes from the book that we use on a daily basis.  "Run Helen, run like the wind."  James and Sam don't get it, but Ava and I do (and with all these boys we have to stick together)!  It is such a special time for me -so thank you Junie B.!!

Our Sam

It is so hard for me to sit down and write these days!  But, Sam turned 4 last month and he had a wonderful birthday.  What a special kid he is!!  He is all boy, but at the same time he is gentle and sensitive.  He looks out for Ava and Jack.  Ava and Sam are both starting to get a sense of humor - but Sam's is actually funny (if you know what I mean).  Of all three kids, he will ALWAYS stay the closest to me and James, and he is happiest when he is with us.  He teaches me more than the others - mainly patience but lots of other things as well.  He is quirky in ways that I can't even describe.  I tell him every night that I am so glad that of all the little boys in the world that I got him - and I am!

I have really started to look at parties (and birthdays) as a family event.  So, Ava had some influence on this party as well.  Sam and Ava decided on a pirate party.  All Sam really wanted was weapons, so as long as there were swords he was great :)  We had such a fun pirate party that weekend. That theme was something that we could all get into, and I may have gone a little overboard.  But, you don't turn 4 every day right?