Turkey Day Times Two

We got to have a family Thanksgiving twice this year - how lucky are we?? On Tuesday night we hosted my family here and had a big spaghetti dinner. All of my brothers from that side of my family were here which made it extra special. We even had a little belated birthday for Tyler.

Jordan, Tyler, Conner and Jacob

Sam and Jacob about three seconds before he started screaming! (Sam - not Jacob)

Jordan and Ava

On Thursday we went to Russellville and had the traditional Thanksgiving - with turkey and all the good stuff. I was so mad at myself because I knew the batteries in my camera were low and I decided to chance it. Of course my camera died after I had taken two pictures!!! Oh well - at least I got a family picture before it died!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

13...and late!!!

Tyler, my oldest nephew, turned 13 on Friday (sorry I am a little late).
A teenager.
I can't believe it!!!

Tyler and Ava - 2/07

Tyler and Sam -9/08

We love you and Happy Birthday from the Pirainos!!

Llamas and Goats and Zebras....Oh My!!!

The kids and I spent this past weekend with our family on a little mini-vacation. We went to Timber Lodge in Amity (outside of Hot Springs).

Our favorite was the petting zoo they had--

There were zebras just roaming around - Ava's dream. She chased this one for a while.

This fawn loved to lick their little hands. Ava thought that was hysterical and said, "That is so disgusting!

Erica and Sam

We went on a tour of the grounds in these little cars and 4-wheelers. Here was my crew (minus AJ and his rabbit ears!) Tyler says I drove like a grandma!

Erica and Nick on the 4-wheeler (very funny)

Isn't this adorable??!!

Matthew and AJ

Sign of a good day - they were like this before we hit the main road on our way home.

The only bad thing about the weekend - no James. You know what they say about all work and no play!!


I love just about everything about fall--
especially this!!

Our weekend at the lake


lots of walks outside

Whatever you do, don't smile :)

making lots of messes

Total team effort!!

and flying our first kite!
I hope everyone is having a great week.

Thanks Beth!!

Beth Pittman - a high school (and blogger) friend - gave me this great blog award. There are just a few rules: Answer the questions with one word answers and pass the award along to six of your favorite bloggers.Here it goes:
Where is your cell phone? Who knows??
Your hair? frizzy
Your mother? working
Your father? laughing
Your favorite food? chips and salsa
Your dream last night? can't remember
Your favorite drink? Diet Dr. Pepper
Your dream goal? my kids are happy and healthy
What room are you in? office
Your hobby? reading
Your fear? something bad happening to someone in my family
Where do you want to be in 6 years? at home with James, Ava and Sam
Where were you last night? home
Something that you aren't? a good cook :)
Muffins? banana nut
Wish list item? a pair of Uggs
Where did you grow up? Dardanelle and Conway
Last thing you did? lunch with Jennifer
What are you wearing? jeans and T-shirt
Your pets? sweet Elle
Friends? neglected
Your life? busy
Your mood? stressed
Missing someone? no
Vehicle? new
Something you're not wearing? shoes
Your favorite store? Tough one - Target??
Your favorite color(s)?red
Last time you laughed? last night
Last time you cried? can't remember (probably recently at some movie)
Your best friend? Erica/James
One place you go over and over? grocery store
One person who emails me regularly? Andrea
Favorite place to eat? Benihana
Now I get to 'give' my award to six bloggers...Kristy, Stephanie, Katie, Julie, and Amber. Can't wait to read your answers.

Little Mommy

For about the past month Ava has been doing this at lunch-

In case you didn't know, Sam will eat anything from anyone (this happened to be one of his lunchtime favorites - yogurt). And in case you couldn't hear, Ava is saying, "Open wide baby - here comes the airplane." Now, I am quite positive I have never said that in my entire life as a mother - so who knows where she came up with that. These moments make up for all the dirty diapers and laundry and cleaning the highchair :)

Halloween Fun

I have to admit that Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I don't get into the dressing up all that much and the scary stuff is not my thing. However, now that I can share it with Sam and Ava and see how much fun they have - it may be one of my favorites. We had such a fun night last night. We didn't do anything extraordinary - just went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and stopped by to see a couple of our friends. The kids (especially Ava) had so much fun!! Ava knocked on the door every time and said "Trick-or-Treat." She was not her usual shy self in the least. Maybe it was the Dora coming out of her or maybe the candy!! After we left each house she said, "OK, I am ready to go to another one." She loved seeing all the other kids and they all loved seeing Dora and Boots. I must say that their costumes were a hit with everyone!! I may start planning early for next year!!

I still can't believe she wore this wig!! She didn't want to until she saw herself in the mirror!

Trick or Treat!!

Joey, Jennifer, Boots and Dora