Sam's 3rd Birthday

Sam turned three on September 18th - this post is better late than never :)  I remember looking at Sam that week and thinking that he is not my baby anymore, and that makes me sad!  For so long I have thought of him as my baby boy, and even though he will ALWAYS be my baby, he is not going to be the baby of the family.  And he is looking and acting like a little boy now.

Some things to remember about Sam at 3:

There is no in-between with Sam.  I am either laughing at him because he is so sweet and hysterical, or I am crying because he is making me crazy!

He is hungry ALL the time.  He wakes up at 5:30 every morning and comes to our room asking what is for breakfast.

He doesn't like hugs, kisses, or snuggling (heartbreaking), but he does say, "Mommy, I love you" all day.

He is Daddy's buddy.  He will follow James anywhere and everywhere.  James can do no wrong as far as Sam is concerned!

He is obsessed with tractors - seriously obsessed!

Some of his favorite foods:  Pop-Tarts (these are going to go away when I feel normal in the mornings again), macaroni and cheese, yogurt, any kind of fruit, muffins, cinnamon rolls  - Sam REALLY likes breakfast!

I am so proud to be Sam's mommy.  He makes all of our lives better in every way!

We bought some land out in the country last year and James has been working hard fixing it up.  Sam loves to go out to the land and ride tractors and just hang out with Daddy.  So, for Sam's party we met at the land and had a tractor party complete with a hayride.  It was very low-key and the perfect party for my little tractor boy!

Birthday Boy

All the cousins

When it was time to open presents, Sam asked, "Is it time to open my tractors?"

 Hayride - AJ and Sam
 Nick and Tyler

Cute girls!!
We love you Sam!!

Way Behind!

Well- once again I am WAY behind on my blog.  I just can't keep up with everything going on, and things are about to be REALLY crazy :)

Anyway, I wanted to pick up where I left off and maybe I will catch up to Halloween before this new baby gets here!!

A couple months ago we started our back to school routine which means we have something to do every day.  I do like having a routine and the kids are much happier having things to do every day, but I do miss sleeping in!  Here is what our schedule looks like:

Monday:  MOPS
Tuesday:  Preschool/Mother's Day Out 
Wednesday - Dance
Thursday- Preschool/ Mother's Day Out
Friday - Playgroup

And I am taking one class and completing 200 hours of my internship (on Tuesdays and Thursdays while kids are in school).  And in between all of that getting ready for baby!

Here are some of the shots from our first days:

We had to go to the store to buy some new ballet and tap shoes for Ava.  I told her that we could get one new leotard since the ones she wore last year are a little tight.  She saw this one and HAD to have it.  She has worn it every week and all she does is check out herself in the mirror :)

First day of preschool - I am SO not looking forward to kindergarten next year!

Sam on his first day of Mother's Day Out.  You can't tell from this picture but he screamed all morning because he didn't want to go.  He LOVES it though and is so excited to tell me everything about his day when I pick him up.