Hooray for Spring

I was so ready for spring this year.  I can only think of so many things for us to do inside this house, so it has been a blessing to be able to get outside and play this week!  The kids and I made our annual trip to Wye Mountain this morning to take our pictures with all the daffodils.  I definitely got a workout :)  They could not stay still long enough for many pictures, but I thought I would share a few.

Ava wanted to dance and twirl in the flowers, so I have about 40 pictures that look like this!

I do all kinds of things to embarrass myself so the kids will look at me when I am taking their picture!  Didn't work here :)
 I promise I brushed their hair before we left home; it was just a really windy day

 Love this one!
 and this one :)

 Ava REALLY wanted to pick some flowers.  After I had told her that it was a no-no, she spent the morning looking for a hiding spot so she could snatch some without anyone seeing her - sneaky little thing.  Luckily we found a section of flowers that you could pick.  She was a happy girl!