Party Time

We had a little party for Sam on his birthday.  It was very low-key; we only invited family and our friends Joey and Jennifer.  It was Cars theme.  Every time you ask Sam what kind of birthday he is going to have he says, "Vroom" - his word for car!  

Tyler and Erica
Mimi, Sam, and Papa
We watched the Razorback game before the party- and I was so glad the Hogs pulled off the win :)

 Sam had a lot of help with the presents!

Sam and Woody (or as Sam says Woowy)

Mama and Sam

Erica and Sam

 Haven and Ava (my little fashionista picked out her clothes for the party)
We all had a great time - especially the birthday boy! 

Sam is 2!

My baby turned two on Saturday! 

2 years ago

Sam is so full of life!  He is such a Mommy's boy still.  He is a little apprehensive around people he doesn't know, and likes to stay close to Mommy :)  He loves his sister and wherever she wants to go he will follow.  And every day I ask him, "Are you my buddy?"  and hes says, "No Daddy!"  Daddy can do no wrong as far as Sam is concerned.  He is an eater.  He will eat just about anything that I put on his plate, and he is still eating when the rest of us have been done for a while.  He is not taking a lot, but is definitely starting to say a lot more lately.  He loves to play with balls, cars and trucks, stuffed animals, and destroy anything that Ava is playing with!  He sleeps with three bears, his pacifier, two pillows, and his blanket (and you have to find it all before he goes to bed)!  He is pretty stingy with his hugs and kisses, so I really treasure it when I get one!  Sam - you make our life so full and have completed our family.  We love you!

Back to School

The kids started back to Mother's Day Out last week.  As much as I love summer, I was so ready to get back into a routine.  We are definitely busy (busier than I ever thought I would be staying at home). 

Our schedule:

Monday - MOPS and I have a night class
Tuesday - MDO
Wednesday- Dance
Thursday- MDO
Friday - Playgroup

I surprised them with new backpacks on the first morning.  As you can tell they were a big hit!!

Sam was done with pictures at this point :)

Dance Dance Dance

Where do I even begin?  We have had so much going on lately!  And I am mad at myself for not blogging more about the kids this summer because this has been such a fun time to watch them grow.  Like the fact that Ava is obsessed with clothes - seriously.  She calls her clothes her "wardrobe," and she has to look at, count, organize, sleep with, her wardrobe every day.  And we have a battle EVERY morning and EVERY night about what she is going to wear?  Is this normal?  Am I raising a diva?  Too many Fancy Nancy books?  I don't know!

And Sam is such a boy!  He is not happy if he is not eating, making a mess, or playing with cars or balls! He is talking a lot more now - some new words this week  - Buzz (Lightyear), yes (before he just grunted), and watch me!

Anyway Ava started dance a couple weeks ago, and she loves it!  It is so funny because she really has a tendency to be shy in a new situation, but she has not been like that at all in dance.  She is making new friends and having so much fun which is exactly what I wanted. 

Showing off her new dance bag!

Alaina, Ava, and Ellen - dance buddies!

I told her to do a ballet pose and this is what I got - ha!
I hope everyone is having a great week - more posts to come :)