Water Babies

We have been swimming like crazy lately in this heat.  I will admit that I fought James tooth and nail over putting in a pool (and it still scares me a lot).  On the other hand, it is nice to have it at home.  There are a lot of things to pack and get ready to go to the pool - it is very nice to have all of that in the backyard.  It has really saved me this summer.

Sam completely scared me the first day he got in the water.  I wanted him to love it (and he does), but he has no fear.  I have since taught him how to climb into the pool using the stairs instead of just falling into the pool anywhere. He still wants to jump in though and will jump off the diving board.  He is wearing a little puddle jumper which has been great for him.

Ava just picked right up where she left off from last year.  She is still wearing Floaties (which is fine with me) and is really comfortable swimming all around the pool.  Right now we are working on putting her head under and floating on her back.  Swim lesson will probably wait until next year!

I Am Still Here!!!

I sincerely apologize for not posting in so long (especially to Ann and Sammy)!! Has everyone else been as busy as I have been? Between school, working on the house, taking care of two monkeys, etc I have put some things to the side. I am not promising regular posts, but I am going to try to do better.

Also, I am having some computer issues. I am still in the process of changing computers, and I think I have lost a ton of pictures (which really bums me out). I was planning a big post on everything we have been up to in May, but I can't find my pictures anywhere!!

I did manage to hang on to my pictures of Memorial Day weekend though!!

On Friday night I got a real treat! I got to go with some of my girlfriends to a Sex and the City benefit and then got to the movie. This benefit was hosted by Katy Allen, and we did get to meet Kris Allen. I happened to be with some really big Kris Allen fans who all got pictures with him - I did not :( It was so fun to get dressed up though!!

Then on Saturday morning we headed to Conner's graduation party. It was such a fun time for everyone. We are so proud of Conner and wish him the best at U of A.

Then the kids and went to the lake where James and the Potts family were waiting for us. We had a house full of kids - 5 kids 5 and under!! We all had so much fun though!

Amanda, Sam and Brooks

Blakely and Ava are about to hit the water!!
Isn't this cute??!!  Blakely kept saying, "Ava is my girlfriend."

Sam discovered popsicles!!
I will have another post soon about Sam in the pool - all I will say now is he has NO FEAR!!!!
Sam, Brooks, Ava, and Blakely

Bennet, Ava, and Blakely (they all did so well on the boat)!