Thanksgiving Feast

Last Thursday Ava's Mother's Day Out class put on a program and had a Thanksgiving Feast.  James and I were so lucky to go together and have lunch with our little girl!!  She had so much fun playing with her friends after lunch!!

Ava made several goodies for us.  One was a Thanksgiving place mat listing all of the things that she was thankfull for.  The first thing listed - Elle (our dog).  First of all, her teacher was baffled that anyone would name their dog Elle (she spelled it "L").  I assured her that Ava was right and that was her name.  Then I wanted to make sure with the teacher that she didn't say Elle first - she did - haha!!  The order -- Elle, Sam, Mommy, and James. Oh well- third is not too bad- at least I wasn't fourth :)

I hope I can get the video figured out on this blog, because I have another cute one!! 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Pirainos

Gymnastics Girl

We have been going to a combo gymnastics, ballet, and tap class for several months now.  We just LOVE it. I have to say that I was a little worried because I didn't know what to expect.  However, Ava is in her element there.  She is so excited in the morning when it is her dance day.  We have made new friends, and my normally shy, quiet little girl is such an extrovert when she is there. 

Last week the moms got to go in and watch (take videos) of the girls doing gymnastics. I just thought I would share some of my footage, but I can't upload my video for soem reason- BOO!!  I will keep trying because it is worth it :)

Halloween Fun.....a little late

We had a great Halloween weekend.  I have just been to busy to sit down and write about it.  Ava had a lot of input about the Halloween costumes this year - she felt VERY strongly about being Jessie from Toy Story.  Then Ava and I decided together that Sam should be Buzz - maybe next year Sam can pick out his own costume :)

The kids and I had SO much fun decorating these pumpkins. I just didn't want to carve a pumpkin this year and was so excited when I found these cute Potato Head decorations at Target.  I cannot even explain how excited they both were every time we went outside.  I just took them apart yesterday. 
James' parents (Grandma and Grandpa) came to spend Halloween weekend with us.  We made a little trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday.  The highlight for both kids was riding the ponies!

Sam and Grandpa

I was working REALLY hard to get smiles - not to be!!

The whole gang
Sam and Ava on the hayride

Ava said that she really needs a pony now - HA!

On Sunday night we had such a great time trick or treating with our little Jessie and Buzz.  James had to nearly drag me home along with the kids - I kept saying, "Just one more!"

 Miss America - Ava waving at the trick-or-treaters as they walk by!

 I got very few pictures of Sam - he was too busy to be still for my pictures!
 Here we are at Rob and Margaret's house - ready to go!

 The thing that I always want to remember about this Halloween is how sweet my kids were when they went up to the houses to get candy.  They were so polite, and Ava took such good care of her little brother.  She held his hand and waited for him, and when Sam was reluctant to talk she talked for him.  I am so glad that I have been blessed with these two kids :)