Celebrating 6!

Ava turned 6 back in February.  This growing up thing is happening too fast for me - slow down time!!  Anyway, she really wanted a tea party for her birthday party.  I just couldn't pull together a "party", so we had a few close friends over for a almost sleepover tea party.  But let me tell ya - it might have been easier to do the party :)

Of course we also had a family birthday dinner and a school birthday.  Does anyone else feel like a birthday lasts about a week?


The girls decorated tea party hats - which turned out to be a big hit

Tea time

I asked each to give their best tea party pose :)

 After a movie and pizza, we put on our pj's and headed upstairs to paint nails and play games.

And then on Ava's real birthday she chose dinner at the local Hibachi restaurant then home for cake and ice cream.
Easy bake oven for a big six year old

I won't gush too much, but words can't describe how blessed I feel that I get to be your mom.  Ava, you are such a light in this world.  You have the gift of joy, and we all can't help to be be lifted up a little by you.  You promised me on this birthday that no matter how old you get that you will always snuggle with me, and that when you grow up you will live next door.  I am going to hold you to it.

Happy Birthday!