Catching Up

So it was my New Year's Resolution to blog every day.  I am obviously right on top of things around here.

How can it be the middle of February already?  I don't even understand how fast time is going lately. 
I have to sign Sam up for kindergarten tomorrow which is ridiculous.

I just looked over the last time I wrote a post and it was in October.  Yikes!  So I wanted to briefly update what I have missed.

Jack's Birthday.  My baby turned 2.  He is just the cutest thing.  He is not in any kind of Mother's Day Out this year, so he is with me all day every day, and he is my buddy.  Because his birthday is the week of Thanksgiving and we were going to invite family members to the party, we just combined it with our Thanksgiving celebrations.  Pretty cool to have a whole holiday centered around you!  We all love that boy so much - he makes everything around him a little (lot) better.

Christmas - We went to Bryan for the Piraino Family Christmas in Early December, so we stayed home for Christmas this year.  We had all of our usual family traditions.  At some point over the holiday I was looking at the fireplace and all the stocking hanging there, and I just feel blessed.  There was a point in my life when I was in my late 20's and early 30's and thought I was so old (if I only knew), and I thought that I would never find anyone to marry.  And here I am with James and these three perfect kids.  So blessed.

New Years and James birthday-  Our New Years was terrible - really terrible.  James was so sick - like emergency room sick - with pneumonia.  Then Sam and Jack ended up with pneumonia several days after.  It was just awful.  There was a moment one night where I had been taking care of James and Sam all day (both running high fever and feeling awful).  I was exhausted and put Jack in the bathtub with Ava to speed up the process.  I walked out of the room for a minute, and Ava immediately announced, "I think there is poo poo in the bathtub."  Oh my gosh - all moms know that means A LOT of cleaning.  I got them out of the bathtub and then just sat on the floor for a minute in defeat.  And then I cleaned it up (and maybe told James I will be needing a raise).  I don't know exactly why I just shared that story, but it was a hard couple days.  And James was so sick on his birthday - we will make it up to him.

Now it is already February somehow, and I have Ava's Valentine's Day party this week and her Birthday party next week.  So we have a lot going on around here.  I have been trying to post some pictures here, but I something is either wrong with me or the computer, so they will have to wait. 

Hoping I can stick with this.  I miss blogging, and I feel so much better when I do.  I will do my best. 

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